Adding accents of sophistication and class to your living room or entryway is very easy with mirrored bedside tables. These classy and elegant-yet functional and practical-pieces of furniture are relatively inexpensive compared to larger items. Yet they still serve a functional purpose in the room where you choose to use them.

Here are some basic questions to get you acquainted with the "what" and "why" questions of mirrored end tables.

What sets mirrored end tables apart from regular end tables? Well, of course, they are mirrored. Generally this is not the entire end table, but just the table top portion of the piece.

Why would someone want a mirrored end table? Well, if you're reading up on mirrored end tables, you probably can answer that question for yourself. Some people like them for the elegance they provide. Some like that they offer a different style of end table than plain wood. Some like the sheer quality of the materials used in a high end mirrored end table. Some like the brightening effect that a mirrored accent piece can have on a room. And still others use them to accent collector's items (such as crystal or pewter figurines, paperweights, or decorative vases or plates), which lets them double as a display case as well as an end table. The reasons for mirrored end tables are as diverse as the styles and interests of the people who use them.

How much should I spend on a mirrored table? As with all things, how much you spend on one of these items really depends on what you are looking for. In general, they are almost always more expensive than plain wood (or imitation wood veneer) end tables, but that should come as no surprise. If you are shopping for mirrored tables, you already understand the slightly higher pricing expectations that come with this sort of style. You can find mirrored end tables selling for $100 or $1,500. It depends on the style, quality, materials, size, designer, and manufacturer that you are looking for. Shop around to get a good sense of your options and what appeals to you.